8 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Home Healthcare Agency

Hiring a home healthcare agency to care for a loved one is an important decision that you cannot trust to just anyone. It is important to conduct interviews with the home health care agencies Bethesda MD that you’re interested in using before hiring. Interviewing potential agencies alleviates the stressors that come when you leave the care of your loved ones in the hands of another. Prepare a list of questions to ask the agency during the interview process, including the eight below on the list. When you have the answers to these questions, it is far easier to determine which agency is best suited for your needs.

1.    Are You Licensed by the State? Do not hire any agency that is not licensed by the state.

2.    What Type of Services Do You Provide? It is imperative to hire a company that offers the services that your loved one needs.

3.    How Do You Screen Your Workers? Background and criminal records checks of all workers are important. Regular checks of employees are also important.

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4.    What Type of Training Do You Provide Workers? Properly trained workers ensure that your loved one gets the proper care that you are paying for.

5.    What are the Costs of Services? Each agency charges their own rates and fees for services. Inquire of the costs of services before getting into any contract with a homecare agency.

6.    How Do I Pay for Care? Payment for services is usually expected in advance, but this varies from one agency to the next. Inquire beforehand to alleviate concerns.

7.    What Kind of Standards Does Your Agency Adhere To? Choose a company that is professional and dedicated to providing quality care to your loved one.

8.    Do You Have References? A good agency shouldn’t hesitate to offer three to four references that can vouch for their services and line of care. Do not simply request estimates but check them, too.