How Aquatic Weeds Are Removed

If you have a garden of your own at home, perhaps you will appreciate this much about weeds. Leave them to roam free in your garden and soon you will not have any garden to speak of. But little do we appreciate just how much more acute the problem of weeds has become in our lakes, ponds and rivers, at least those that we should have custody and control over. Today, specialized and customized aquatic weed removal becomes even more necessary, given the continuous challenges associated with high urban and industrial pollution levels and along with that, global warming and climate change.

Weeds allowed to fester will lead to lower levels of dissolved oxygen, water flows will be disrupted, the lives of fish and other marine life will be under threat and lake and river boat traffic will be disrupted. Specialized and customized aquatic weed removal work utilizes high grade materials, specialized equipment and new, innovative techniques. It is being carried out by dedicated teams of technicians that are able to provide effective cures for weed disruptions without affecting marine life and desirable or indigenous weed species.

Determining how acute a local water pollution problem is and what techniques need to be applied to remove unwanted weeds requires an onsite aquatic survey. This survey, once completed, will outline the associated problems and put forward a work proposal commensurate to addressing those problems. It is also ideal to identify the type of weeds that need to be targeted for removal. Chemically composed or, preferably, organic herbicides do work, but these have to be specifically manufactured to target specific weeds.

aquatic weed removal

In your own garden, you can appreciate this. Because while herbicides aren’t always effective and can disturb desired plant life, the incorrect formula allows weeds to continue flourishing.